Dr. David's

Pearls of Wisdom

What is Activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal has been around for centuries . Its porous  negative charge draws in toxins and poisons because they have a positive charge. It has been used to treat wounds, intestinal issues, alcohol poisoning, skin conditions and serious illnesses just to name a few…

How is it used in dentistry?

The activated charcoal comes in different forms, one of them being a powder. When mixing the powder with water to make a paste consistency it can be used to brush your teeth. Although it can be messy brushing with a black paste, it is also very beneficial to your health. Toxins, infections and stains are being pulled from the entire mouth. Which then leads to a healthier, whiter smile and is also safe if swallowed.

Activated Charcoal in Dentistry

Why  is it safe to swallow?

The supplement comes in forms of powder, capsules, soap and gel. In dentistry we use the powder form not just for brushing but also for safe amalgam removal. As we all know amalgam contains the heavy toxic metal mercury. Before we remove the silver fillings we place the powder in the mouth to help act as a magnet to the toxic mercury. Again it is safe if swallowed because the toxins stick to the activated charcoal and are then released through the body through fecal waste.