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Sleep Apnea and TMJ chronic pain and exhaustion

Sleep Apnea

It is normal to have an occasional night sleep where you toss, turn and wake up to go to the bathroom. In return you feel groggy the next day but it is not normal to feel like that everyday. Many factors play a role in why one does not sleep well such as stress, certain foods, drinks and medical conditions to name a few. If you snore, waking many times per night, frequent tossing/ turning and constantly feeling tired throughout the day then its time to fix your sleep. You don’t have to feel tired all the time.

TMJ pain

Most often we see jaw pain associated with poor sleep. When you are having jaw pain/inflammation and headaches you don’t sleep well. Again many factors go into why jaw pain happens. Trauma, stress, grinding and clenching are a few reasons for jaw pain. When there is pain we do not sleep well and when we do not sleep well we do not feel good.

 The body needs good quality sleep to heal and we can help you achieve that.