Dr. David's

Pearls of Wisdom

We have a protocol for safe amalgam removal in our office. This is to protect our patients and our staff from the toxic mercury that is in these fillings. When removing an amalgam filling from a tooth many vapors become airborne and are toxic if inhaled. We also want to be sure the patient does not swallow any of the amalgam filling as we remove it.

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Patient safety…

  • A rubber dam isolate is used in patients mouth to avoid ingesting any filling material as it is being removed. The isolate does suction, allows the patient to close on mouth prop so the jaw does not get tired and retracts/protects the lip/cheek and tongue.
  • Charcoal is placed underneath the tongue. The reason for the charcoal is that it acts as a magnet for the mercury.
  • An amalgam vacuum is used during procedure which is placed in front of patients mouth, along with the high volume suction. Both of these suctions are used to help remove the vapors from the air.
  • Safety glasses are worn and a mesh barrier is placed over patient face to protect skin

Staff safety…

  • In addition to our everyday masks we will wear a safety mask that is used special for amalgam removal. The masks will ensure that we are not inhaling the mercury vapors as it is being removed.
  • We where safety glasses and safety gloves
  • There are many air purifiers throughout our office to help purify the air.

Supplements are also recommended prior to, day of and after procedure to help build immune system.