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Pearls of Wisdom

Let’s face it; a chipped tooth has a big effect on one’s appearance.  Characters in movies with are often given chipped teeth to portray a character that is disturbed or lacking common sense.  People with damaged teeth sometimes avoid smiling and photographs.

Aside from aesthetics, chipping a tooth can expose the pulp at the center and the tooth can become hypersensitive to temperature and pressure, resulting in recurring discomfort.  The pulp of the damaged tooth can also become infected, possibly affect neighboring teeth and a root canal treatment could be needed. 

Treatment for a Chipped Tooth

When the tooth is chipped it is important to see your dental professional for evaluation and treatment

Your dentist has several options to repair a chipped tooth. 

Composite Bonding:  The quickest and cheapest option for fixing a chipped tooth is to use bonding.  This is only an option if there is enough of your natural tooth left.  The dentist will choose a filling material that best matches your tooth and apply it to your chipped tooth. With this option, little to none of your natural tooth has to be removed. 

If you are able to save the piece of tooth that has come off, it may be able to be reattached with composite bonding.

Veneer:  A dental veneer can be used if there is not too much of the tooth is missing.  A veneer is a thin, custom made covering that is adhered to the front of the damaged tooth.  The tooth below will need minor reshaping before a veneer can be placed.  Veneers have better aesthetics and last longer than composite bonding.

Crown:  If there is a large piece of the tooth missing, the only option is to place a crown on the tooth.  The remaining tooth will need to be reshaped.  The crown will be custom made to match the natural teeth and will surround and protect what is left of the damaged tooth.


There are several ways you can avoid chipping teeth.  Wear a dental mouth guard while playing sports. Don’t grind or clench your teeth.  Wear a night guard if you clench or grind your teeth at night. Don’t hold items in your teeth or use your teeth to open packages and avoid chewing hard candy, ice cubes or non-food items.

Accidents can happen, but your dental team will be there to make sure your dental health and appearance are taken care of.