Dr. David's

Pearls of Wisdom

Releasing tongue ties are not done just to help with breastfeeding

 If it goes untreated it will affect breathing and sleep. When the tongue is tied it is not in the correct posture in the mouth. The tongue should be in the roof of the mouth to help pallet and jaws grow correctly.

When the mouth does not grow properly we tend to mouth breath

Mouth breathing can lead to snoring and sleep apnea. When the tongue has low posture the pallet grows high, jaws grow narrow. We all need deep REM sleep so that our bodies get  to rest and heal. People that do not reach the deep sleep or do not get enough of it will start to develop anxiety and ADHD.

Who would have thought the tongue could effect the entire body

Cardiovascular issues can occur when we don’t sleep well. Digestion starts in the mouth when we chew and break down our food. So if we can not chew properly because of our tongue is not allowing to move the food around in our mouths and swallow correctly, we then start to develop gut problems. Another fact about the tongue is that it shapes the face. When we have narrow jaws and high pallets we start to get crowded teeth. When teeth are crowded it is harder to keep clean so cavities start to form. At that point orthodontics is recommended which help straighten teeth but then often tend to relapse.

Releasing tongue-tie in infants