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Pearls of Wisdom

As you know, Dr. David takes pride in having the most current technology and information dentistry has to offer. We would like to introduce you to our recent addition, the Light Scalpel CO2 laser. The C02 Laser has expanded the scope of Dr. David’s practice, as it is well suited for soft tissues surgical procedures for both restorative and aesthetic dental procedures. I know many patients are not interested in anything with the word “scalpel” in it, but the CO2 laser has a great deal of benefits for our patients! We are now able to provide oral laser surgery in the comfort of our office with great accuracy, faster healing, and minimal bleeding and discomfort.


Most procedures are done with a local anesthetic, with limited to no bleeding, low postoperative discomfort, very little swelling and significant decrease in bacteria in the area.


-Excision/removal of benign, premalignant, or malignant lesions (ex: Leukoplakia, erythroplakia, lichenplanus, squamous cell carcinoma, verrucous carcinoma, fibromas, lipomas, condylomas, mucocele/ranula, pyogenic granuloma, lymphangiomas)

Dr. David - Bolton, MA Dentist - Laser Scalpel


Cosmetic dental recontouring around crowns and veneer margins, treating gingival hyperplasia (overgrowth of gum tissue) from medications or orthodontics, removal of loose and necrotic tissue as a result of periodontal disease and treatment of “gummy smile”

Dr. David - Bolton, MA Dentist - Gingivectomy


Reduction of abnormal or restricted frenum attachments.

Dr. David - Bolton, MA Dentist - Frenectomy

Apthous Ulcer ”canker sore” Treatment:

Faster healing and reduced discomfort associated with frequent apthous ulcers.

Peri-implantitis Treatment:

CO2 laser is the only laser than can be used for implant sterilization with no thermal damage to implant and resulting in greater amount of reestablished bone to implant contact.

Dr. David - Bolton. MA Dentist - Peri-implantitis Treatment


Benefits vs. other methods: Reduces swelling, reduced contraction of the wound, less scarring, decreased post-operative pain, less damage to neighboring tissue, easier access to difficult areas,

In the past, we have relied on scalpels and stitches to perform procedures to improve the gum line, perform biopsies, reduce frenums and other soft tissue surgeries. Like many dentists, we referred our patients to periodontists and oral surgeons for many of these procedures. With this advanced tool, Dr. David now confidently provides these services to her patients in the most precise, comfortable and convenient manner, consistent with her high standard of care for all of her procedures.