Dr. David's

Pearls of Wisdom

The way your teeth come together is what we call “your bite”. The bite dictates the position of the jaw and the position of your head on the spine. The posture of the head affects the posture of the rest of body. If the head postures forward then it is pulling on the muscles in the head, shoulders, neck and back. For every inch the head is forward it puts about 10 pounds of pressure on the back

A tongue tie can also cause problems with posture. The tongue is a very strong muscle and if it is restricted then other parts of the body will start to suffer too. The body will adjust itself and compensate if the teeth are not aligned or if the tongue is tied. Which then lead to poor posture and pain.

Bones make up the body, joints connect bones together and muscles attach to the bones to allow movement.  When all are working well together we have good posture the head and spine are in alignment.

Your mouth affects your posture

If you have any of these symptoms then dental therapy can help. Often times physical therapy is recommend in addition to the dental for optimal results. After the origin of the problem is treated the symptoms then start to see relief.